Hey guys ive been recently playing guitar as hobby.

In "Beat It - MJ" when they do the palm muting part how do they make it sound like that on the amp, do i have to put my hand on a certain spot on the pickups? If theres just x's then does that mean its open?

In quick open notes like at the 0-0-7-0-0-6-0-0-5-0-4.... Part in Master of Puppets and the intro in We Are The Fire by Trivium, do i just pick really fast? Or is there a tecnique?
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Palm muting is done by having the side of your palm on the bridge of the guitar, it's used in a whole heap of songs so it's a great technique to learn An 'x' would usually be a muted string, you can mute the string by having a finger (on whichever hand is on the fret board) on the string but not pushing down on the fret board.

Hope this helps! My first piece of advice on UG :P
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Alternate picking works best for some people for the one string speed part you're talking about, but some people prefer all downstrokes, what ever feels more comfortable for you
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Pick fast and down with alternate picking (up and down). X means it's a dead note. You can do it by having your left hand just on the strings without pushing them down and then picking.
As someone said earlier, the X's indicate muted strings, not palm muting. To do this, you would just bar your finger over the actual fret, not the part of the fingerboard you usually press down on, and strum the strings indicated in the tab. It should make a click-like noise. Master of Puppets is usually played using all downstrokes. As for the Trivium song, I'm not sure. The best thing to do is look on youtube for covers of the song, and see how they're playing it (although some people could be using improper technique). But as far as picking techniques go, I use a combination of continuous downstrokes and alternate picking (up and down). Usually just go with what's easiest for you, but when you learn songs, you should try incorporating alternate picking to build skill for that technique. There are also exercises available on UG to help build your alternate picking technique. Hope this helps.