hi all, i have been facing a problem and i cant seem to get rid of it.
im not too sure how to explain it, but every time i lift up my finger after playing a single note there will be a sound. what should i do to avoid the sound?
Mute the lower strings with your right hand, the higher strings with the underneath of your LH fingers. Also look at how you are lifting your LH fingers off the strings. To mute, you don't lift straight up, it's more a compound motion of relaxing the finger (so it holds the string down but not hard enough to fret it - this mutes it) for a split second, then lifting off. With practice, these two motions feel like one, it's a really subtle thing.
i tend to use my palm to mute the strings when i have just played them, like a quick touch of the string to keep it quite, or if im recording a solo, ill put a sweat band over all the strings as low as i can go down the fret board.
so my problem is that i need to learn how to palm mute everytime i play a note? do u guys have any links to any exercise?
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