I could see the big-time corporate asshole in all his glory with the Armani suit staring at me as he stopped on his way through Times Square with his $8 coffee in hand. Douche bag looked like he’d never seen a man busking before.

“Whatever,” I quietly said to myself as I continued through my “set” finishing up my day with a cover of the oh-so-famous Hey There Delilah by The Plain White T‘s. I only pulled it out if I was desperate for money, it’s always a crowd pleaser, but I really hate that piece of shit song.

Anyway, I finished the song, thanked the audience still standing around, and explained that was all I could do for the day, before plopping my butt on the Italian and tourist shoe worn pavement to begin counting my “pay“.

“That was quite the performance young man,” said the corporate dick.

“Yeah, I suppose, not a good day for this shit though”, was my reply.

“No I suppose it wouldn’t be with this overcast weather. Do you ever play any actual gigs around here, uh, what’s your name young man?”

This guy was interrupting my train of thought and I kept losing count at $16 so I figured I’d give up for a little bit and actually try to talk to this guy.

“My name is Drew, Drew Douglas, and yeah I’m playing one at Coffee Central tonight at 7:00, I suppose you should come if you want.”

“Hmmm,” I could tell he was taken aback at my sudden interest in the conversation, “perhaps I should make my way down there tonight, I enjoy good music.”

He checked his watch, looked startled, gave me a nod that I didn’t return, and walked off in the opposite direction he had come from.

“Must have had a business meeting or something,” I said aloud as I counted my $43 in profits.

I pocketed the cash, placed my beloved Taylor acoustic in my beat-up Gator case and began my long walk to my shitty 1-bedroom apartment on the lower east side, pondering the whole time as to who this corporate big-shot was and why he seemed so interested in my music…

Note: This is very short due to it being nothing but an introductory piece. Longer pieces would be continued.

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