hi i play in a band with 2 guitar player
we use to play many guitar solo in our song
but the two lead guitarists so they share out the solos
what do you think about it?
and do you know other band, like us, with two lead guitarists?
Iron Maiden

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it can work IMO

examples: Dragonforce, Status Quo, and that's all that i can think of at this very moment in time...
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Lots of bands allow for both guitarists to solo. There's no need to be restricted by the "rhythm guitarist" and "lead guitarist" titles; you can do whatever you want really.

Trivium is an example of a band where both guitarists play leads. There are tonnes that I'm sure others will mention.
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It's not a new concept by any means. In many circles, it's been done to death.
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Megadeth . Dave Mustaine/Chris Broderick/Al Pitrelli/Chris Poland/Marty Friedman/Jeff Young... I think thats it.
ahah judas priest anyone?? iron maiden has three lead guitarists, so it can definitely work! also, cacophony
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^So did The Outlaws. They were referred to as the "Guitar Army".

Almost every incarnation of The Allman Brothers Band has had two lead guitarists.
Let's see, Being that Keith Richards is no stranger to taking a solo, The Rolling Stones.
The Drive-By Truckers.
Little Feat has always had two, Lowell George & Paul Barrere or Barrere & Fred Tackett.
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Phil Lesh and Friends has always had at least a pair.
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals now has two lead guitarists.
Savoy Brown had two for a while, before Lonesome Dave and the boys split to form Foghat.
Jess Franklin and Cameron Williams of Tishamingo. (Cameron does play some solos).
Umphrey's McGee.
Frogwings had Jimmy Herring and Derek Trucks.
The Dexateens now have three guitarists, I believe they all play some leads.
There was the now legendary Derek and the Dominos. Duane and Eric played some of the finest dual leads I've ever heard.
The Black Crowes.
Bloodkin now has two lead guitarists.

I love the two guitar format where you have two very capable guitarists trading lead and rhythm roles, especially when the two are trading licks in a solo or an extended jam. That's precisely what I want for any band I ever end up in.
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Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd of Television would trade off playing leads/solos and rhythm.
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Thin Lizzy basically inspired and popularised dual lead and couterpoint soloing

The Allman Brothers did that before Thin Lizzy. It's been one of their trademarks since their first album.
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Izzy from GNR used to solo when they were playing live.
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thanks for all
i have to add that my band play hard rock like G'N'R, ACDC, or alter bridge
(not metallica or iron or dragonforce)
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I lol'ed.

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Vancouver, WA band Three Hole Punch has 2 leads

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