I know there have been many many many many many threads on the gulf oil fiasco, but most of those threads have been used as an outlet for rage against BP / oil itself / our government's response / etc. This thread I hope can be used for a different purpose.

This thread is for posting anything (news stories, videos, blogs, etc.) that can inspire people to do what they can to help out, or for posting links to charities where donations will be used for healing efforts in the gulf.

It seems to me that there is far too much anger and hate attached to these stories. While anger and rage is certainly a natural reaction to a horrible event such as this, it seems like we get so wrapped up in blaming people and pointing fingers that we spend no time at all just trying to help solve the problem in any way we can.

So lets get help out there! and resume our flame war once the danger passes.

EDIT: I will try to keep some sort of list on this post of any links to charities that are posted, in case the thread gets somewhat large, and those wanting to help don't really wanna go through all the pages.
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Did anyone catch the interview with the survivors on CNN?

This one?