Hi everybody? Just got a couple of quick questions about the highway 1 strat. I just gone of these things recently, and to me and my budget, its a great guitar. It sounds good and plays great (at least to me) but the one thing I noticed is that the pick ups buzz quite a bit in all positions except one. It could be that I am running it through an acoustic amp (the only amp I have) but I doubt it. I had heard about the pick ups buzzing in one review I saw elsewhere. Other, than that it seems like a pretty nice guitar for the money. If I were to switch out the pick ups, what kind would you recommend? To me if feels like it plays as well as some of the higher end strats and sounds good too, but obviously without as many bells and whistles. Basically I just wanted to know if anybody else has had this issue with the HW1 or otherwise what your overall impressions of this guitar have been. Thanks in advance for any responses.
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If it's a single coil pickup, it's kind of obvious that it makes a little noise. I bet you can fix it with a noise gate.
Either get a noise gate or get a good cable, its really underrated is the cable... If you have a good quality one, you'll get some quality sound without background noise... It happens... It happens on my american strat but I use a nice Vox cable and it keeps it to a minimum.. And a nice thing fender does now on american strats is reverse the polarity of the middle pickup so its opposite to the neck and bridge, so when it combines with either of them... It is completely silent and no background noise occurs
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