Pretty cool intro, sounds pretty BFMVish. I think you overkilled the intro riff a bit though, even with the slight developments I started to get a little bored of it, but I guess the vocals would fix that. The next few sections were alright, and the solo was nice. The outro was alright, but I think maybe you could've done something a bit more exciting/interesting.

Overall it's quite good, there isn't much wrong with it but I didn't really think it stood out much.

Could you crit 161 for me?
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I liked it, and i dont think the intro was overplayed at all.
P.S. This doesnt relate to the song at all but we have the exact same birthday.
There's a lot you could do with this vocally (it's just a shame that the track doesn't have any!) You should fix that, it's not musically interesting enough to be an instrumental as it is. Otherwise I liked it, pretty solid job on the mixing side of things too.