WOAH! I'm listening to "track two" right now, its really good man. Very catchy and that's a good thing, it has alot of good hooks. I would love to hear it with vocals man. Really good mixing too. The harmonies are great, I love them. The soft part is really good. I dunno if you're heading for pop-metal but that's what I think it is, whatever you wanted it to be, it's really good.

Track one is even better, I love the intro, absolutely love it! It's so melodic, dude your playing and songwriting is incredible. It's so damn catchy, great great job. I love the verse and the chorus with the lead melody is so good. I gotta say the drums are well done, kudos to the drummer. If you and your band work hard enough you guys can do something with your music, it has potential.

Can you critique "The Chemical Procedure", "Attract" and "The Beating"? Only if you want man, no pressure. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1325039

Great stuff. Keep it up!

EDIT: Get a vocalist man!
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wow dude thanks so much!! i really appreciate it seriously thats awesome!!! and yeah we have a singer and a full lineup actually well be out doin stuff soonly hopefully the vocals just arent recorded yet thanks though!!! ill crit your stuff in just a second