Good evening, I am hoping you can help me with a problem I have.

This evening I came home to find this rather beautiful arch-top guitar in my house, turns out it cost £5 and my father thought it would be a perfect project for over the summer. Pictures are below:

Pictures Here

Now those of you that are observant will notice a few things wrong here, one is that there is a missing machine head. The shaft appears to be snapped inside of the casing, and as they are connected in a 3x3 formation this means replacing the whole side. Another problem is the bridge is totally corroded and is in dire need of replacement.

My question to you knowledgeable acoustic players is how would you suggest I go about it? I have already researched the brand name (Italian guitar makers) there are no parts or any similar guitars for sale that I can find. Should I just replace things with after-market parts that fit or should I hold out for some original hardware?

If anyone has any other peices of information about this model of guitar that is also greatly appreciated!

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Well, you need to ask yourself a couple of things.

Is it worth anything to anyone? Not likely, it's an Eko.

How much is it worth to you? No idea....

I would take off the hardware and get that god awful varnish off the whole guitar, looks like it has a laminated neck (nice looking stripes).

Clean up what you have left over. Rust isn't always terminal.

See if you can find some suitable tuners to match, or if not, replace all of them with suitable new ones.

Can you show a pi of the back of the tuners?

It is definitely worth saving, but probably not worth keeping it in its current state (for the sake of value).

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Thanks for the answers guys! I was planning on swapping the tail-piece and tuners out, so I have now decided to just go and buy some new ones. I am definately going to keep this guitar, she has a lot of character and Im sure when she plays again she will sound great too.

Thanks again


Tokai FA70 (My Korean ES-175)


Artisan 30 fund: £50/£1200