In the film "life without emotion" they say:
'let's go to the jazz club',
and when the scene cuts
to a smoky room with deep red velvet drapes
and cigar smoke swirling up in the air
to the rhythm of a slow saxophone tune,
a rich female voice, raspy with metaphorical tears
is cutting through silent conversations, replying:
'you shouldn't come to the jazz club, girl.
the boys are not for games tonight.'
And like in films, the soundtrack is always telling
of what's to come.

Now you see, girl
why I've asked you to come.
i love how ominous the tone of this is. It nicely captures the air of seediness that all good jazz clubs should have. the smoke, the music and the girl and the overwhelming tinge of sadness.
i havent seen the film you mentioned, so the relation of it to the piece is aloof to me, but i can overlook that because the rest is just a lovely little capsule of imagery.
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