Hey was looking for a new amp and was pretty impressed with the Jet City 20H and the new 50H. What do you think? Looking for an amp to do mostly late 80 and early 90..especially Slashes G-N-R tone.

I currently have a Mesa Boogie Solo 50 head and I can get close but still too muddy..

JCM800 with a boost for GnR
Tom Anderson Guitarworks

Mayones Guitars

Suhr Guitars

Mesa Boogie

Friedman Amplification

Fractal Audio Systems

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I hear ya but not wanting to spend so much. Looking to spend around $500..

I really don't dig why recommend a vintage modern ? Slash uses it these days and sounds like CRAP.
egnater tweaker? heard their supposed to be the most versitile little amps.

so you might be able to nail GNR as well as so much more?
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egnater tweaker? heard their supposed to be the most versatile little amps.

so you might be able to nail GNR as well as so much more?

I tried one at GC the other day and was not to impressed. It was through a 1x12 Egnater cab and was rather quite. Maybe through my 4x12 it would be OK.

I have not had a chance to play the JCA20H but it sounds like it can get loud. But also that is why I am considering the JCA50H. I really want a effects loop.

If you have a delay and reverb pedal, an effects loop is almost essential. In my opinion, the cleaner the repeat - the tighter the metal!

The 50 watt will sound quite a bit different than the 20. For a start, I don't think it's the same circuit. And it doesn't use the same valves (the 20 watt uses low gain EL84's and the 50 watt uses high gain 6L6's. There are also two more preamp valves that will no doubt provide enough more gain than the 20 watt version), and it's a dual channel amp with an effects loop, which will, in theory, take away from the responsiveness and articulation of the feel. That's not a bad thing, just different.

If you're a gigging musician playing hard rock, go for the 50 watt version. If you jam by yourself with a few raunchy rock tunes at home, get the 20 watt.
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I already have a 6262, Mesa Boogie Solo 50 so I was thinking the 20watt JCA would be great for bedroom playing. But what is really up in the air for me is that I run my MXR 10band, Reverb and delay in the loop. I love running the EQ in the loop really lets me shape the sound.

I done some poking around and there are a lot of low-watt amps out now..

Ibanez TSA15H
Blackstar HT-5 and Venue
Dual Terror
Blackheart 15watt
Jet City 20watt
Marshall Haze

and more

Yeah, there has been a huge surge of low wattages over the last five years. Prior to that, finding a low wattage valve amp would of meant forking out $1000. Not anymore. It does leave you with quite a hard decision, though.

To be honest, my man, if you've already got two amps with good effects loops, a simpler amp might be the way to go. Sure you won't have the same type of tone for your reverb and delay, but they don't sound bad in any way in front of your amp. They just don't sound as clean.

The Blackstar HT range is another viable option. I don't think they sound nearly as thick and gorgeous as the Jet City, but they do have more accomodating features.

I'd personally take the Egnater Tweaker or Rebel 20 / 30 for a Guns N Roses type tone at bedroom levels. But if you really didn't like the tone, it's probably not worth it.

ENGL have a new amp coming out soon called the Gigmaster (awful name, yeah). It might be what you're looking for.
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