Ok so i bought a wireless connector thing that i put on the back of my xbox. it says that it connects to my wireless network but it wont assign the ip address automatically. how can i change the modem so it will assign the ip address? it is a qwest dsl modem with wireless gateway. and it says actiontec too
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Well for one, this is an issue better left for Google. Second, I haven't heard any good reviews of wireless adapters for the Xbox 360. If it is possible, I'd return it and get a regular ethernet cable (unless you got the wireless because your modem is basically impossible to reach from the location of your Xbox).

but yeah, I'd Google this issue or go to the Xbox live forums. This will probably be filled with trolling and a whole lot of nothing.
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Find out the IP addresses and enter them on the Xbox manually?

From my experience, you're better off with an ethernet cable if it's an option to you.
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