I'm looking for help with lyrics for a progressive metal song with a political point about World War II genocide tactics, living conditions of the Jews that grotesque and are as disturbing as possible, and try not to make it all "Hitler is great, we love Hitler".
Have you got already raw material or are you starting with nothing ?
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Heres a verse, Dont know if its any good. Loosely based on the horrible conditions and what the kews were put through.

Dignity. Dignity is a strange thing,
nurtured in some, but
made extinct in others. Cleansed.
What few morals were present in
humanity, I'm still waiting to see.
I wish I could sleep this out,
well I guess I can,
as they pull back the duvet of turf,
and tuck me in.

Not good I know, but a try netherless
thanks guys, and no, I haven't started it at all yet. I just want some Ideas before I do start it. I am busy on other songs so this song just hasn't come around, I've had the idea for a few months now though
We should find you an original idea of metaphora about the Jews and the Nazis, so you could work on it. I'm gonna think, then I'll tell you.
Good historical research into the topic would be my first resort. It's good for getting a stronger base for your metaphors and overall song idea. You could say, get a certain fact and give it some irony, or use a quote from someone who was there. An example i can think of is 'If you tolerate this, then your children will be next' by the Manic Street Preachers. Look it up, it's a great song