Hey guys, this is gonna be kinda hard to explain but... when ever I pluck (pick) a note, the note plays but there is also a "thump" or a "click" sound made by the pick.
I have tried different picking techniques but it alwys makes that noise. any tips would be greatly apriciated. thanks alot

Oh, and my guitar is a schecter hellraiser c-1 (emg pups) thats connected to a Boss Me-70 pedal that is connected to a Raven Rg-200 amp.
thank you
Have you tried different picks?
Also, turning down your gain a bit should help.
I don't think it's something you can completely eliminate from your playing though...
The only way to not have that sound, is to not pick. It's as simple as that. However, thinner or rounder picks might make the attack less harsh (but more scratchy), thicker, sharper picks will make it snappier and quicker. Also, turning down some gain, and maybe play with your EQ a bit until you find something that's decent.
unfortunately you'll probly never fully get rid of that, i have it too, it's really annoying. If you listen closely you can hear it on a ton of recordings.
It's pretty much gonna happen no matter what. I find it to be true with thicker picks more so than thinner picks.

I use Dunlop Tortex .50's.
It's the result of the great amount of compression caused by the distortion of your high gain devices. It means the volume of the pick attack is pretty much the same as the volume of your notes (before they start to decay of course).

The guys above were right, you can either try to turn the gain lower, it'll result in a smaller amount of compression; or try to play with your fingers or a felt pick - it will make the frequencies of your picking less prominent in the treble range.
Paul Gilbert changed the way he picked cause he loved that sound and wanted to incorporate it... To be honest I've learned to live with it... I use rock solid tortex .96's... So there's no way for me of getting rid of that sound, but it isnt that bad in all honesty. Megadeth even use it for a cool effect in Bad Omen off of Peace Sells
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same guitar - same problem
i dont get it... meh
until i have an idea NO SIG!
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I don't think you can completely eliminate it... I can hear it in albums too, you know professional players. Also, the fingernoise on the strings. I like it though so it doesn't bother me...

To my little experience on this, comparing my Jazz III XL and my Big Stubby 2.0mm, the former has significantly less pick noise... I think it has to do with the kind of plastic they're made of...
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