hello folks...
ever since my experience with guitar began, I've been an electric guy.... you know, distortions, rock n' roll, van halen kind of taste...

recently I heard some songs that got me interested in switching it up for a bit, and the songs happen to be acoustic songs.
The two that I really came to like are Eric Clapton's Tear in Heaven, and Extreme's More Than Words

slow, soft, and rather easier on the guitar part

can someone recommend me songs similar to those??
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Foo Fighters Stranger Things Have Happened
Foo Fighters Razor
Alice In Chains Brother
Beatles Dear Prudence

Just a few off the top of my head that I really enjoy playing that are a bit like those you mentioned
i was like tou in reverse.
try some classical like kansas- dust in the wind or
mason williams or
the most evolved.
there not sad songs espessially but they will develop techniques and speed.
(try the first one)