While looking around for quite a while over the past few weeks, I was looking for another acoustic to go with my Seagull that I currently have. After going to a number of stores, and trying out a large number of guitars, I finally found something I really loved.

It's a in black. I loved the look of it, and more importantly, the sound and feel. I think I got a somewhat decent deal on it as well. They had it for $700, and they gave it to me for $600 w/ a TRIC case. Ever since I have had my Coastline acoustic, I have been a fan of Seagull guitars, and was really impressed with this one...and it sounds great just by itself without being amped. I'll try and get some pics of it sometime later. The funny thing is that I had looked at so many guitars online, and in stores, that I thought I had it down to a specific guitar I was looking to get, but had never thought (or even known) about this one till today.

A curious question though....would a guitar like this normally go through a regular amp, or it is suited for an acoustic amp?
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HNGD! I love the 5th Avenue, it really is a lot of fun to play around on.

As for the amp question... up to you, really. You can treat it as an acoustic or a hollowbody, really.
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Get a kingpin II Cutaway with 2 coil, much better, just got mine cognag color
plays great in fender hot rod, action is unbelieveable as good as my 1987 us jackson, héhé, sound is pure and cut very well, great for blues rock and jazz
this guitar is insane, much better than Gretsch ou Ibanez i tried them all setzer,Tim armstrong, and the artcore, the Godin Avenue just kick Ass, my 2 cents
With those pick up the sound is in your face BAM
1000$ out the door with tax and case
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