Hey, i'm looking for opinions on Laney amps because i'm thinking of getting one. I was looking at the LX120RH because it's within my considerably tight budget and isn't valve state (which i can see being a pain in the ass although they have a great sound).

Along with this amp, i'm wondering if a Krank Distortus Maximus would be of worth get it sounding like a tube amp and give it that extra kick which a Krank amp does have.

Just wondering if this choice would be worth while, or the amp wouldn't come in that much use after a few years.
If you're looking for a cheap Laney, try out a Laney HRC-50 or an AOR if you have a cab.
I have the LX65R, and its an ok amp, nothing special.

If you don't mind me asking, why are you going for a head and 120W? what are you planning on using it for?

The ss Laneys I've heard so far didn't impress me much.

I've owned the LC15, which was nice enough and currently own a GH50L, which I'm fairly happy with right now.

"Valve State" is a series of hybrid Marshall amplifiers - when talking about actual types of amps, they're either tube, solid state or hybrid.

Why do you think valve amps will be a hassle? As long as you're willing to wait half a minute for it to warm up after switching it on and can restrain yourself from throwing the amp down the stairs or so, you won't experience trouble.

About the LX and the pedal: A good amp with a good pedal will sound good. A mediocre amp with a good pedal will still sound mediocre. You can shape your tone with pedals to a certain degree, but you know what they say about polishing a turd...

what music do you play?
how much cash do you have?
band or home use?
where are you located?
I'd suggest that's not a great idea. I haven't played the amp, but a 120watt Solid State Half stack isn't really necessary for anyone.
-Valve amps (Valve-state is a term coined by marshall for their solid state valve emulating amps) aren't considerably less reliable and don't need much more upkeep than SS amps. (Ok valves cost cash and don't last forever but they aint that expensive and can last for a while) Granted I'm no expert but as a general rule if you look after it it'll treat you well, assuming it's a well made amp. Also, SS amps tend to have fewer parts that can be easily serviced/fixed whereas with a lot of valve amps it's easier to change stuff if it does break.
-I have played a laney. It's nice. Mine's probably not your thing. We need to know what music you play, where you live, how much money you have to be able to recommend anything.
-Not much point buying a cheap amp and the spending money trying to get a nice overdriven sound froma pedal. Use the pedal money to find a better amp. Another rule of thumb (though it's all preference really, and depends on the amp/pedal involved) is amp distortion>pedal distortion

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