It's a WIP, of course.
I have a couple of sections pasted together somewhat crudely. I want to get some opinions on what parts work, what doesn't, how to improve the transitions, and what aspects of the song I should make dominant.

C4C, but keep in mind that half-assed crits will get a half-assed reply.
I like it. The only thing that I would change is the very end just seems to abrupt to me, like maybe add another calm(if that's the right word) period.

Pretty well put together in my opinion, I like the addition of the sweeps near the end. It might just be the ambient lover in me but, like I said, I think you should add a calmer part to the end. That's just me though.
A very interesting piece, nice intro - very different. I like things like these, and the crescendos at the start really add to the feel of the piece. Quite mysterious, and leads very well into the main bit. Perfect intro in my opinion.

Is there going to be a vocal line in the piece? I could see this benefitting greatly from a vocal part, or bits of speech here and there (a la 'king crimson').

The jazz guitar at bar 32 reminds me of the technique i use in a couple of my pieces (although I use a synth for that) - very nice use, really adds to the background of the piece. Different too.

The end seems a bit abrupt, as others have stated above... perhaps calm it down to the original idea (in the intro) to round things off nicely, and fade off. May make a good ending, but i'm sure you can think of a better idea than me!

Overall, very nice piece. I'm into ambient music, and this is great. Very nice use of layering, and it will be interesting to see how you interpret this when it comes to recording. Keep it up!

I like this. Obviously, it's not finished, so I'll keep that in mind as I listen and crit.

The intro is nice. The fade-in distorted guitars are a nice touch. I'd personally suggest extending the intro with some different chords fading in throughout. I think you could do without the line in the 'jazz guitar' at bar 20. The synth line is great, keep that. As it stands without any vocals, I think the melody at 38 is a little weak, but other than that what you have so far is pretty good.

I don't now what qualifies as a 'full-assed' crit (:P), but I'll take anything you have to say on this if you get the time. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1326262
You´re still having that great layered sound, nice!

Now to start the crit:
I love the mood the first chords set in the intro, and how the bass accents the change. very full sound thanks to the panning. Big sound, although I´m not quite sure on how to maintain the clarity in a live recording on track 5 on bar 9, for example. I love the little line the bass does in 13 onwards. great syncopication with the drums. Smooth changes into the 5/4 bar, although the rhythm on track 4 feels a little bit lacking. Great break-y passage then, love the synths and the little ambient layers of guitars. I don´t know if the 2 solo drum bars were needed, but it does the job as a transition well enough. Next part is nice, too, although my right ear is a bit tired of all the harmony and my left ear of all the melody. Maybe change the parts sometimes up in the song to get rid of the strict left/right scheme. Nice drumming right there, and unique guitar chops. The song definitely stands out in this genre.

Keep me updated about this song, I´d like to hear the full version!

No need to crit back, I think I still owe you some crits
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You're back! Good to hear from you.

I'm taking everyone's input into account, and it has greatly shaped what direction I will take the song in, as well as what I can improve from the previous sections.
All this input has done wonders.

I'm gunna leave the original draft of what started this song.
It was basically a Damiera rip-off, but it didn't quite work out.