I have some question and it´s need to be answer very soon.
In very shortly i´m going to buy a new guitar and i option was a Schecter Hellraiser c-1 or a Schecter Hellraiser Solo 6. So the question is -

Which of those 2 should i pick?

From the look and specs i don´t really see any diffrence between them. So i want you guys to help me here and reply what is the best for the money

its pretty much the same guitar except different body styles. jst pick whichever you feel more comfortable with
i like the solo 6 but im more of a single cut les paul guy

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Quote by Santi201
So the guitars specs is the same right?

I was researching this earlier in the week and I can’t find a difference in most models other than the body styling, although there could theoretically be a big difference in weight. You could always just use the contact form on their web site and ask to be sure that they aren’t using different pots or something.