not bad not bad at all but relaxxxxxxx play it like you wrote the song .
Your guitar sounds a bit out of tune with the recording, but your actual playing is very good. The alternate picking sounds excellent, and very consistent for the most part. The bridge is a bit sloppy, like you said in the video description, but it's by no means bad. The tone is also pretty good; it fits the song/style well.

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Thanx man. Almost parts I played downstroking as they need to be played, but sometimes I used an alternate picking to let my arm get rest a little)
Good playing, I think those open E's (or E flats considering its slayer) should be palm muted. I don't recall if they mute in the song, haven't listened to slayer in years. And your guitar does sound a bit outta tune. But good playing. But really, their creepiest song? I always thought spill the blood was creepier. Anyway, good playing, just get the palm mutes, and like someone said, be a little more relaxed and everything will go smoother.
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Yeah, the most creepiest. This cimmerian intro scares me)) Seriously - the story 'bout Ed Gein is freaking scarry as hell 0_o