Hey all,
I have looked into youtube for switching to heavier strings but nothing seems all that reliable. Can anyone direct me to a proper forum/video for switching strings?
I have a fender stratocaster and am switch from roughly .009s to .012s. I know the action, tone and truss rod all have parts to play but cant find a video that explains which of these, or if all of these, need to be adjusted to switch to heavier strings. I already get a bit of a buzzing sound from my G string with the current setup. What would you guys recommend?
Thank you for your help
Take it a step at a time. Start by going up to .10's, you'll kill your fingers by going from pretty much the lightest mass-market gauge to the heaviest common gauge.

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It would appear that I should clarify my goal a little.
I normally play with heavier gauge but I just bought a guitar and the gauge on them is really light. Seems like a 9 to me (I may be wrong) but I bought some 12's at the store as well. I have never set up a gutiar for that before, just had a pro do it and the goal is not metal (metal is not my kinda thing) But stevie ray vaughan is the sound I am looking for. So, what should I do to put on 12's and to adjust my guitar accordingling? Is it likely I wil break my guitar attempting to do this?
Thanks again for all your help