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Hey Guys!

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I wasn't quite sure where it should go but basically I'm studying a Music Degree and I have to do a research Dissertation for my final term's coursework.

I've decided to do my research on sight reading (Notation not Tab) and how classical guitarists and contemporary guitarists differ in the way they're taught and I need guitarists to fill in my questionnaire.

It shouldn't take more than a few minutes and I'd REALLY appreciate it!!! And you don't need to be able to sight read to fill it in.

Click here for my survey

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Thanks Man!!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate it!
Not an idiot at all!

The definition I used in my dissertation is from some online dictionary: “to read or perform (music, for example) without preparation or prior acquaintance”,

Basically used by musicians when they pick up a sheet of music and play it without having played it before. You're reading it and playing it on first sight.

Orchestras tend to do a lot but it's not very common on the guitar.

Edit: Thank you Geordie! You guys really are legends! I was so worried about getting responses!
This thread has enlightened me actually.
I probably could do with learning more theory.
Hehe, Sight Reading is interesting. I started playing guitar around 13 and when I picked up one at school this kid went "You suck!" straight away and it annoyed me. I made it my goal to get better than all of them and I don't know about all of them, but I got better than quite a few and it got to my head.

I then went to ACM (academy of contemporary music in guildford) and suddenly it's a wake up call. There are some amazing tutors there, some of the people who write articles in guitar mags or record for Lick Library or play massive gigs all around the world.

In the first lesson I noticed the tutors don't call it "Fret 7 on the E string" anymore, but just "B". And that's natural to them. On comparison to self taught musicians like I was, they're simply elite! Haha! As one of my tutors said, it's like being a big fish in a small pond then being a small fish in a massive pond.

The majority, if not all, have trained themselves to rely on reading notation over tab and it's something that, myself and all my fellow classmates tend to turn a blind eye to. I had 3 years to nail it and I didn't. I applied to do a PGCE so I could teach music at schools and failed cause my notation reading wasn't very good and so I decided I was going to take drastic action to improve, although I've left it so late. That's the reason behind this dissertation. To see how classical musicians have benefited over the others.

Edit: HandBanana if you haven't, can you please fill it in anyway? Least that way I get a balanced view from everyone and not just people who can read music
I'm going to do it now.
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All done. Do us a favor and post results later on. Good luck!
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Yea thats what i thought.
Yeah! Sure, if I can figure out how to use Survey Monkey! Lol. I used it before and it's a nightmare to organise the data. O_o I'll figure it out at some point.
Definitely Helps Man! I'm thrilled with the responses I've got so far! Thanks so much to everyone so far! Really really helping me out!
You're all legends! I was so worried about this coursework but I've had so many replies! I'm feeling so much more relieved about it.
Done. =)
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Finished. Hope you can discern what I mean throughout it. I don't play guitar more than a quarter of the time I play other instruments, therefore I sight read more per week than I play the actual guitar. I'm not sure how much that will screw with data you record... Sorry man.
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Filling it out right now.

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Done! Good luck man
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Very cool survey, I liked. I just took it, and I play electric guitar, but I'm in the process of learning classical guitar right now too so it was kinda cool.
all i know is the stuff most guitar teachers start with other than that i make my own stuff up.
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