hey guys i want to know with guitar you think i should buy
ok first i dont have much money
so should i get a epiphone les paul studio
or a epiphone G-310 SG

if not one of those what should i get?
i am prefering epiphone at the moment

thanks guys
What kind of music do you play and what's your price range?
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neither. wait longer, save up some more money.

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ill take a epiphone les paul studio any time of the day or get a g - 400 witch is better i think any ways .
A more important question: What amp are you playing through?

If you have a good amp, get a Studio. A g-400 is a pretty decent guitar, I personally love SG's and find the G-400 to be a beautiful guitar, and I dislike LP's..

But whatever one appeals to you..
Don't get a G-310. Those are terrible guitars. My friend had one, and I found nothing but problems when I played it. Save for a G-400 instead. Also look here. I saw a G-400 for about $250, and I'm still kicking myself for not getting it.
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ok thanks guys
i think im gonna get the studio or i might take advice and look for a standard plus
i owned a studio and a standard plus, and the standard plus just felt so much sturdier and not like a cheap knockoff(even though it basically is). Whereas the studio just felt bulky and cheap, if I didn't have a Gibson, I wouldn't mind owning an Epiphone Standard again. Really the Epi worth buying imo.