Very impressive. The tone on the rhythm guitars is excellent, and you have serious chops. The lead ton is a bit thin, but the playing is amazing. All said, it's an excellent cover, and you seem to be a very good player.

Crit mine?


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one of my favorite songs!

and wow man i have nothing negative to say about your cover. playing was absolutely flawless! awesome tone awesome playing. what type of amp are you using.

I've never been able to get the part from :09 to :20 down with all the string skipping. Quick question, looks like from the video you're alternate picking the open palm mutes on the 6th string during this part? I've always tried to downpick them and have never been able to get it quite up to speed.....that's the only part of the song I have trouble with.

All in all great job!
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thanks das, maybe the lead guitar need more reverb an mids.. awesome your cover by the way.

thank you something wild, I use my line6 toneport to record the song. I use only downstroke in that part, but if you use downstroke on the 6th string and in the others strings use upstroke it's more easy to play, I use only downstroke because it's more aggresive and have more atack.