So, the guitar I have right now is a 24.75" scale. Everything up to the 12th fret feels fine; but anything higher than that; I find I have a hard time playing; I feel...cramped? I suppose would be the way to put it. So do you guys think a longer scale guitar would be the right thing for me to try instead?
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25.5 is usually a "standard" length.

Go to the store and try it..... Can't hurt, I know 25.5 is perfect for me, but I havent tried anything like 28 yet though
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Until I got my LTD, I had only played 24.75 scale, and I thought that was good..

Then I got the LTD, it's a 25.5, what a difference it really makes to the feel of the guitar. From now on, I'll want 25.5 scale.
i have a 25.5 and a 24.75 scale length guitars, and i don't really notice much a difference, i just stretch a little bit, but i have diff gauges on each guitar, 25.5, having 0.095-0.48 and my other guitar having 0.09-0.43, but i'm setting up my 24.75 with 11-52, at step down/drop c. i only found a difference in tension, but thats probably my strings. But my telecaster (25.5) feels a bit more sleek, feel i got a bit more room. but i like both scale lengths.
25 which is the prs scale and 25.5 which is the fender scale feel awesome. I mean there's a use for the gibby 24.75 but I wouldn't ever want it to be my only guitar now.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
Well, go to the store and try a 25.5!

My Agile interceptor pro has a 27" scale. Pretty easy jump IMO, the higher frets are huge, very easy to hit.
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You really should try out different scales to see what you like. The Fender 25.5" scale is pretty good for just about everything up to the 20th fret. One thing to be wary of with extended scales (26"+) is that the lower frets start getting a little too long and it’s easier to muck up chord changes.