no am not on drugs and dont me i was going trough a mind bad turn and i thought that was funny its the one with me say saying

when i dial 666 reach into the air grab some crap stick into satin mouth while giving jackie chan a blowjob and watch batterys catch a tan coz there looking to become solar powered then look at my guitars the strings break look away turn back its a banana its ok ill eat you anyway then laugh at bin ladin trying his own medicine then only kills his brain cells

am sorry for asking everyone i put it in the right forum and i was asking if this was normal?
No it's not, you're tripping


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Are you on drugs?
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Nothing is more arousing for girls than a man who claims that he doesn't have worms - and can prove it with conclusive evidence.

White are
All I see
In my infancy
Red and yellow then came to be
Reaching out to me.
Lets me see.
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I'm coming for you with a castrator!
You sick bastard.

Watch that video below

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