Hi, I have a Crybaby 535q that isn't functioning properly. When I turn the wah on the sound is very faint, the battery is new and I made sure the cords were going to the right places. Is this a known problem? And, more importantly, is it fixable?

By the way I hope this is the right forum, it's my first time creating a thread.
Does it need a new pot? I know nothing about wahs btw
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I'm thinking that the problem might be the piece that is pressed down on the toe of the wah, if I keep my foot down then I get the full-volume trebl-y suound until I rock it back. I have some, vague knowledge of what a pot is, but not enough to tell if it's the problem.
I've read about the pots being dodgy on the Crybabys and I used to own a Crybaby Classic. I then sold it because of the crappy pot - it always used to cut out when I was turning the pedal on/off.
How hard would it be to repair a broken pot? Is it something a guitar tech could handle, or is my wah dead?
When the wah is engaged it still makes "wah" sounds, just very faintly even when the amp is cranked. If I really stomp on the toe and hold it there then sometimes it'll work normally (I can rock it back and forth and it sounds normal) but then if I switch it off and on again it's back to being almost inaudible.
The wah is used, I've owned it for almost a year with no previous problems. The switch is certainly possible. Would that be a repair that the tech should do? I have no previous experience working w/electronics.