First off I apologize if you guys get these kinds of threads a lot. Anyways, modding guitar circuitry, tube amp modifications and building pedals is something that I've been interested in lately. Where is a good place to start for someone who really has no soldering or electronics experience (other than helping my father install a DiMarzio Breed in my MIM strat)? Any kits you would recommend that wouldn't cost a fortune? Should I invest in any guides/book besides the one in the starter pack? Thanks in advance.
dont buy any books off the shelf or online, anything you can buy you can get for free, you just need to look a little deeper
generalguitargadgets.com has a ton of kits you can order, and schematics/building instructions for every project. For your first build, I suggest you get some help from someone who already knows a bit about electronics and soldering, possibly your dad, to help you get started. Once you look at the schematic and the final product and learn how to properly solder (there are soldering videos and guides everywhere on the internet, try YouTube), you'll be putting together equipment in no time.
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TS, check out the pedal building thread, ton of useful links in the OP. Also look at the essential links thread, should give you plenty of good links to go off of.

For tubes, the amp building resource, linked in the essential links sticky, is a good place to start, but is by no means the only resource. Geofex.com is a great site, and RG Keen knows some serious shit.

Personally I prefer books to reading off a computer screen to learn, and Alibris.com has some darn good prices, half the time you spend more on shipping than on the price of the book.

I'm not sure what's in the starter pack, if it's just the op amp notes, I wrote them, and there's much more going on than a basic gain stage when it comes to pedals. The "Technology of" articles on geofex are great for that.

Kits are nice if you want to try your hand on soldering, especially if you can get one with a pre-drilled enclosure. But after a couple you may want to try veroboard or perf, the pedal building thread will have much more info than I can provide.

Don't forget to check the resource thread for pedal and amp parts as well as the pedal building and electronics threads.