This is amazing. If you're in a band, record this.
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Haha its interesting that you said that cuz my vocalist didnt like it
Nice avatar btw, Coheeds the S***
Haha screw your vocalist record it anyway.
Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe/Ibanez RGA42/LTD EC401vf
Whammy IV>Pitchblack>Dunlop 536Q>Fulltone Fulldrive 2>Hardwire TL-2>MXR 10 Band>Line 6 M13
80s Carvin x100b w/ cab
****, that was intense. its not my thing but you are a very very talented person
I was getting bored towards the beginning, but when the fast jazz guitar kicked in, it really started getting interesting! The bit with the straight-sixteenths overdrive rhythm was kind of ruined by GuitarPro, but it probably sounds a lot better live. Have to say my favourite part was around measure 57 when you had that nice jazz guitar, the overdrive rhythm, and the overdrive palm-muted semi-arpeggio thing going. That part really came together--if I were you I'd cheat and use that part again :P Really makes the song.
Haha to be honest i dont even know what it sounds like with RSE. My GP has a weird issue that puts the tracks out of sync when RSE's on. Thanks for the advice too. Using that part again would probably give the song more structure
Interesting from the very beginning, sounds a bit like 'king crimson' with the layering of guitars. But very nice, should definately get this recorded as soon as possible!

I'm not too sure of the distorted guitars at 49, they are a bit too heavy for me... seem to be too different from the rest of the piece. Although, I've just had a listen to 65, and there is a heavy bit there and that sounds alright, nice transition. Scrap what I just said, the bit at 49 is alright, I guess it just takes multiple listens to appreciate what you've done there.

I think the bit at 99-100 needs a better transition, as it goes straight from distorted guitars to clean picking. I like to use 'reverse cymbals' for my transitions, and I think that may fit nicely with this piece.

Overall, a great piece. I can see a lot of work has been put into this, and would love to hear it recorded. Keep it up!

Going off of what ankthebank says about the King Crimson influence, I didn't really see that. Then again, King Crimson are essential to the "prog" sound, so it isn't too far off.

You (ankthebank) may wanna check out Dance Gavin Dance, as they are obviously the main influence in this song. I hear a bit of Closure in Moscow too, but that's besides the point.

Disregard the 1st bit, the King is definitely there in the beginning.

It's quite an inspiring song. The momentum continuously builds up from the beginning, exploding at bar 49. This is the only real inconsistency/flaw that I saw in the song. The D and F sus2 chords are a bit rowdy, with the rhythm being too intrusive. The drums alone bring out the agitated state. I think that the same chords (with altered voicings for D and F) could be used, just as long as they are less dramatic.

The next section at 57 shows that you have a great ear for consistent lead voicing. Hell, I would that say that most of the song shows this.

The ending seemed like it was gunna lead into something. I think that it has potential of building up to an explosive finale.
Perhaps it's best you leave the ending as is though. Kinda difficult to top the stuff that came before it.
Your vocalist is gay.

Really cool song man I really dig the shit out of it.

Just one thing though, there's absolutely nothing jazzy about this piece, for anyone who believes that, lol.

49 Makes me think of ****ing Horse the Band so much, it's freaking awesome, I love it.

Nice section afterwards with the atmosphere and the drum groove to it, really digging that feeling and spacey, post core thing.

Honestly I'm one for dissonance but in this piece I feel the dissonant section that comes in at bar 65 really ruiiiiins the feeling of the song that built up to now; I suggest changing that dull dissonant sound because it breaks away the atmosphere and melody too harshly.

Bar 76 kicks back in with freaking awesome ring out chaos that sounds like controlled beautiful noise to my ears, I love busy stuff like this.

For your ending... I think it could fit seriously but enter like, a drum groove at the beggining and fade it out before the rest - it might be really cool.

Epic song man! Really dig the feeling.

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