I've never built anything like this before, so I need your help.
I have two 15" bass speakers and I want to build a cabinet. Are there any specific guidelines for me to follow when making the cabinet? Is it any harder than just making a box and sticking 2 speakers in there?
And I would also need help with the wiring. Do I just wire both speakers together and attach an input jack?
Thanks for any help.
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What amp are you running this out of? Impedance of the amp? Impedance of each speaker? 2, 4, 8, 16?

The impedance part will play a (if not THE) part in how you wire your cabinet.

Far as making the cabinet, I'm no expert (neither for the wiring, but at least i know what I'm doing there) but it really depends. All the Peaveys i've seen the cabinet is fully enclosed in the back, which has its advantages and disadvantages. But i'll let the other experts help you out design wise....
Read Phil Starrs article on cabs.

Also, check out the Speaker Cabs(?) thread.
Read up on nodes especially. Also, remember ports.
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