Okay so I have been browsing for cabinets for a pretty long time, especially on these forums involving people without sales biases. Anyway I've come very close to buying a Vader 4x12 Cabinet for ~750$ with shipping. From what I've read this cab is an absolute beast for death metal (as apparent from its artists list) which I enjoy, but I don't want to blow that kind of money on a cab that can only do one thing, ya'kno. I play death metal every once in a while but i play progressive rock, post-rock, alternative, and mellower genres a good deal of the time. So I have these questions:

Are Vader cabinets capable of handling a wide range of genres proficiently?
Does anybody have experience with these cabinets? Opinions?
Is it new or used? what speakers does it come with? 750 shipped is that including tax?
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
It uses Eminence legends speakers. It is new. that's including tax
I mean there are great deals on used cabs all around. are you in the us?
Eminence legends are oem eminence speakers. They aren't bad in fact soldano uses them a lot but they aren't worth that much. 750 isn't bad though. A used mesa usually runs 400-450. A jcm lead 350-400. If you like the vader more it would be worth it to you. Check gc used if your in the us first though to see if there are any used ones.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
My vader 2x12 sounds great, its not ideal for all styles, but it really does sound good. Its the tightest cab I've ever heard and it really surprised me with clean and dirty tones. Its built like a tank, instead of tolex it has like a rhino-liner on it, I think this is the toughest cab I've ever seen.

I was going to get a Vader 4x12 in addition to my 2x12, but I found a recto 4x12 for a price I couldn't pass up. They are sweet cabinets, they are super tight with any high gain setting. It really brings clarity to super complicated riffs.

It really depends on what you're playing it through also.
The costs don't concern me as much as the tones. Currently, I own a Madison Divinity 3 120W tube head. Based on the company's track record, it seems to be marketed towards death metal/grindcore/metalcore enthusiasts overall but has also demonstrated proficiency in cleaner styles. Vader seems to be marketed towards extreme metal heads as well, but I need that degree of flexibility in my tone. =/