Heys, I made a bit of an impulse but today at the local music shop. yay!

It's a Synsonics (Anyone head of this?) nylon string. It's got what looks like a solid maple top with god knows what sides. It's got 18 frets (Plus about 1/3 counting the last one on the fingerboard), and the set neck joins the body at the 12th fret. It's got nice action and is decently playable with a small bit of buzz. I even got a gigbag out of it (that I won't use since I have a hardcase).

But the absolute best part of this buy? The bottom line for it was all of $50! It's perfect for a cheap, playable guitar that I can haul around in the back of the car and take camping and shit.


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Stroke the furry walls.
stroke the furry walls.
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