Sometimes, you get off of work and chug a 40 oz of Olde English and are so stoked that you got to see and meet JACK OBLIVIAN the other day (even though you forgot how awesome his songs were after not listening to them for 4 years), that the only thing that can put you in a better mood is lo-fi 90's anarchist pop-punk from the same town that NEGAZIONE came from.

I'm talkin' about how awesome I FICHISSIMI are. They're named after one of the funniest Italian movies without Roberto Begnini in it. They also prove that all Italian anarchist punk rock doesn't have to sound like it fits Agipunk's mold perfectly (something I wish people would get today).

Anyways, I FICHISSIMI sound kinda like a mix between WHITE TRASH SUPERMAN, SCREECHING WEASEL and those PIN KAI recordings that were on the SCAM 2 1/2 tape. Really energetic, positive and anarchist pop-punk from Torino with great lyrics (that probably most of y'all can't understand).

Here's side a of their first album:


Here's my favorite song by them, La Tipa Della Casa Occupata (The Girl from the Punk House):

oh yeah and if you don't know who NEGAZIONE are you should check 'em out. They rip too!

The new RIVERDALES album is also a rager.
any downloads out there of this stuff?
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