I want something that plays nice and sounds good for under 500 bucks. It doesn't need to be an acoustic electric or anything like that. I am just starting an acoustic duo with a friend of mine and my acoustic is worth more for parts than the guitar. I don't play much acoustic so i don't know whats good or bad...just let me know whats best. Thanks, and feel free to ask questions
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all the guitars i'm mentioning have solid tops - all good quality and good sound, brands have been very good for me.

seagull original s6 or if you prefer a slender neck the seagull s6 slim. both are the same guitar except for the neck with a full airy sound, a good mix of treble and bass with some midrange. a very highly recommended guitar - i owned the one with the wider neck, and really liked it.

yamaha fg730s - silvery sound, good for leads when amplified, slender neck. i owned this one briefly, and would have kept it if it weren't for the slender neck. i like a nut to be at least 1 3/4".

yamaha fgx730sc or fgx720sca - the electric cutaway version of the guitar above and the one just a step down. both pretty good stuff, definitely above most others in their price range.

blueridge br-40 - more bass than the other two, full martinlike sound. slender neck. if you love martin, or a little more bottom end, this one sounds great and it's got the beef.

also don't forget to check out the seagull entourage models. there's both acoustic and an acoustic electric or two in your price range.

and if you're ready to buy soon, guitar center has their june madness sale through next weekend - and seagull is one of the guitar brands taking part. btw, so is breedlove, and although the best ones are above your range, you might want to check out the full sized passports just in case. they weren't the right guitar for me, but they might be for you.