Well I'm planning of recording some videos of me playing some bass covers to upload to youtube or facebook, cause I've noticed only a couple of my friends have ever actually seen me play, and well, I wanna get some promotion

My question is: What kind of hardware and software do I need to record bass cover vids with decent audio quality, I own a laptop with Windows 7 and an incorporated webcam so basically I'm asking what hardware do I need to record sound and what software do I need to make these videos?

On a low budget please, its just for covers and showing off with my friends, nothing professional, at least not yet.
All you really need is a cable to plug into your line in.

A DAW such as Reaper

And a VST of your choice from this site

Then your pretty much good to go.

Have a look at this thread if you want some help
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You should have an audio interface and an amp modeling software unless you are going to mic your amp. This one is a package deal:


You will need recording software, and there are a bunch to choose from. If you are running a Macintosh, it should have Garage Band which is a good one to start with. If not, or if you want something better, look at DigiDesign's Pro Tools (the industry standard), Cakewalk and Ableton. You don't need a full-featured suite. The basic packages will usually have a hundred features that you will never need to use.
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