I'm planning to buy a Fender Blues Jr. I have a Epiphone Les Paul Standard and a Vox Satchurator distortion pedal. I play classic rock but also stuff like Incubus and A Day to Remember. Will I be able to get a classic rock sound out of the amp?
yea you'll be able to get a decent overdrive. honestly though, you might as well pay an extra 100 bucks for an egnater rebel. much, much better amp.
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^ Opinion Classic rock yeah, though it's US voiced so don't expect Marshall-esque sounds. More to the point though, how do you intend on getting incubus sounds out of it :O ?
Yeah, Fender Blues Jr. can actually get a pretty nice classic rock sound. At a pinch, you can get a good AC/DC sound out of it, but anything thicker and you'll be looking at getting a distortion pedal to run in front of it.

Also worth entertaining is the Laney VC15. Sorta the same idea, but more Brittish-voiced. Great cleans, crunch and can even get as far as an early-Gaslight Anthem distortion if you crank the overdrive. Similarly priced, if I remember, too.
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+1 on the Laney VC15. Awesome amps.
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