is it bad for the guitar to use 11's or 13's to switch between standard, drop d, drop c, and drop b all of the time?
Depends on how well you take care of your neck and how often you change tunings.
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Depends how often you do it and if you are just going directly from one tuning to the other then back up or if you're taking the time to set the guitar up for each tuning properly. Basically if you take your time and set the guitar up for each tuning, no problem. If you just keep twiddling the tuners back and forth all the time then yes, that is bad for it (not to mention you'll never be properly in tune anyway) .
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Aren't 13s and maybe even 11s a little heavy for standard?

The only actual problem you *may* experience is that you may have to adjust the truss rod. Any guitar worth having should be able to stand up to that. If the neck warps, consider that the gods of chance have done you a favor, because your guitar was clearly terrible.

It would be far better to get 2 guitars, and keep one in Standard/Drop D and one is Drop C/B, or even get a 7 string.

Edit: Also, The intonation could get a little out, and if you have a tremolo of any kind, or god forbid a Floyd Rose, prepare for some serious springage.
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