This was something that I started to write a while ago that I decided to finish for fun. As I always say, I'm no drummer so bear with the retarded drums. Pretty influenced by TFOT and Lovehatehero. I think I need some work on transitions and the solo but I'm pretty happy with the sound.

Oh yeah, and C4C.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf.gp5
The Boy Who Cried Wolf.mid
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Pretty solid dude!
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Not a bad song there man. I liked a lot of the main guitar riffs and the sweep in the solo was nice. Like you said, you maybe need to change a few things here and there but its a pretty good song.

Changed the drums a bit and I think it makes the song sound a bit better.

Here they are. Use them if you wish.

Btw, could you crit mine if you get the chance? (Newest version in the last post) https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1313574&highlight=my+past+life
The Boy Who Cried Wolf (guitar ben94 drums).gp5
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Pretty good song, i can imagine the song being pretty awesome with vocals over top of it. Huge fan of this style and you did it pretty well.