Any recommendations for me? I play mostly metal. I'm an intermediate player, and I just bought a BC Rich ASM Pro, and need a tuner. I play drop D a lot. I know virtually nothing about tuners so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Boss TU-3 chromatic pedal tuner OR planet waves PW-CT-04 chromatic pedal tuner

If it is only to use at home though, I agree with DontPushMongo: use your ears. Its not worth spending the money unless you really need a tuner
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My Boss TU-2 has served me well over the years. If I didn't have it, I would look at a Turbo Tuner.
Boss TU-3, Planet Waves PW-CT-04, and the DigiTech Hardwire HT-2 are all fine on-stage tuners. If you absolutely have to have pitch so perfect that only dogs can hear it, get the Peterson Strobe Center 5000. It's a bit pricey, though ($3,500.00).
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Most tuners are fine, those Peterson strobe tuners are pretty amazing however and I find it easier to tune with a strobe than a chromatic.....
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I would go for the TC Electronic PolyTune.
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Also, my friend uses something similar to this, and it seems to work well. I just use the tuner built into my multi-fx.
Pedal tuners are good if you're playing live, if not I'd say just get a cheap as sh1t korg tuner like in the post above. You can get them for next to nothing, if they break, meh.

You only really need a good tuner if you're gigging. At home you can tune by ear and have the patience for the needle on the junk tuner to respond etc which you can't do on stage.
quality $70 pedal tuner: Korg PitchBlack

$20 tuner: korg Ca-30

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The "BEST" tuner is different for different people.

Some want a tuner that's accurate to better than .001cent
Some want one you can drop a bomb on
Some like strobes
Some like chromatic

For me, the "BEST" tuner is the TC Polytune
Tune ALL of your strings at once. for your drop d, it will switch to a "normal" chromatic tuner when you play one string at a time. And it's more accurate than your guitar. Very good price as well (under $150)

Not sure what other tuners have, but with my minimalist rig (gate, tuner, amp) the Korg Pitchblack has a nice 9vDC out feature. I cord goes into the tuner, one goes out to my gate. Sweet.
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