For a school project I need to find a website to make a cd cover and case type thing that I can have by Monday. I need to turn it in by Monday. I also need to know where to print a song list that is about 1,000 words. Should I print it onto a poster type thing or try and make a small booklet.

This is what I will be printing out<song list>

Any help will do.
Staples would probably work right?
You can buy those cd case things, just look in like, an office supply store or wal-mart or something. Then just print out the cover the right side, cut it, and put it in. Then you can easily print out a booklet and staple it together and stick it in the case. Although I'm sure there's a professional company that will do it too, however I'm guessing it's expensive if you only want one and not to buy in bulk.