so i was wandering through old van halen vids off youtube... i couldn't help noticing eddie's playing simply leapt above all his peers between 1974-1976


(1976)--- he still hadn't even started to use tapping but eveyrthing is pretty much here
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I describe it more as, he wasn't showing off until 76.
Oh yeah.

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I describe it more as, he wasn't showing off until 76.

are you sure? some of the licks that he plays in the 76 (mainly the legato pull off to open strings ) i dont even think he had invented in 74
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time is irrelevant, how much of that time you spend practising and how hard you practise (constantly learning new techniques and perfecting your playing, not just playing the same old things) are the only things relevant. if you train very hard for several hours a day, you can improve massively within a month.
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I've heard tons of rumors about how much he practiced. I do know this: I spent several hours a day, every day, in the first 2 years of my playing and I improved tremendously very quickly.
Had I kept that practice routine up, I would be amazing. I still play almost everyday, but I certainly don't bombard myself with new techniques and ideas at the same rate he did.