Slow intro: Tiny bits of truth in what I say, You don’t have all day, I know that now.

Fast verse 1: Heed my words, they’re wise beyond my years, something to hear when you fill my ears with your burdens and I’ll smile telling you that there’s nothing to fear. I’ll listen to your problems until your voice is stale, I’ll always care to hear until you have your way with life, until you have no more gripes.

Fast bridge 1: My worth will be gone shortly after that, but I’m okay when you cast me away, you’ll be back eventually that boy won’t treat you right.

Chorus: The one who’ll always be there when you come unglued,
The one who’ll always care when they lose you,
The one who you like but never’d want,
The nice one.

Fast verse 2:


Crit for crit.
Great lyrics, strong meaning in the words, to me this sounds like a alice in chains song, post-grunge style, imo, would love to see it progress...

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TheAscendant 8)
The closest I could identify this song to is really fast alternative rock, it's not slow like AiC or really grungy. As much as I hate to say this, the flow is sort of like that Barenaked Ladies song, 'One Week', but mostly the flow of the chorus, the verses go too fast at times.

Thanks for the comment and good job on your songs!