the other day i had tried a used YM sig guitar(the old version with smaller headstock) and it was the first time i played a scalloped fretboard. althought many people say it feels different and you need to get used to it, to me i wasnt really different maybe because i didnt press the fret too hard to make the note go out of tune. Anyways, i am puzzled as to why the guitar dimarzio single pup did not produce significant hum lol. What is special about that pickup? and it has a better tone for rock than those standard fender with single coil at bridge
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Its a noiseless pickup designed for no noise/hum. However its pretty low output and lacks the single coil twang so to me the YJM's seem like a super low power humbucker
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the pups on it are hum canceling and are a higher output.
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the pups on it are hum canceling and are a higher output.

No it actually has extremely low output.
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The DiMarzio YJM Strat pickups are hum-canceling single-coil pickups, which is why they don't make as much noise as a standard single-coil pickup. I am not sure how they do it, but a number of manufacturers make such pickups (i.e., Fender's Noiseless single-coils). It was made to Yingwe's specifications, so it was wound for better rock tones than a typical Strat pickup.

Yingwe has now moved to Seymour Duncan, and they offer YJM pickup. Whether that will make its way into his signature Strat remains to be seen.
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Not sure why people are calling it a low output pickup? Go on DiMarzio's site, they still make YJM's old pickup its just under a different name now. Its called the HS-4 and is rated at 23.5K with a A5 magnet. Not sure what pickups you guys are used to playing but thats nowhere near low ouput.
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Resistance =/= output
Its got 93mV output, which is very low. The Dimarzio PAF is considered a low output humbucker, its rated at 8.6k but its got 280mV output.
EDIT: Also, have a look at the Dimarzio Steve Morse pickup, its only 9.94k resistance, but its got 450mV output. less than half the resistance, but nearly 5x the output.
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