I use an MXR Boost/Line Driver for solos but it doesn't always work as well as I'd like so I assume I need to change the settings on my rig. The amp is a Marshall DSL401. The master volume is set about half way and when using high gain I use the clean channel with the gain set at 2 and a Hardwire Metal Distortion pedal with the pedal's level set at only about 2. If I use the boost pedal on this set up there is a noticeable boost in volume for the solo even with the pedal's boost level less than half way. However, when using the amp's own distortion channels it is far less effective. The overdrive volume is set at about 4 or 5 with the gain level at 6. I usually use OD2 and to tighten up the amp's own distortion I use a Bad Monkey with the gain set at zero and the level maxed out. It's a great distortion tone but when I engage the boost pedal for a solo it has limited effect even with the boost level virtually maxed out. Why does it do this and are there any suggestions on how I could get a better response?
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