Hi, I at least want to tell you what this song is about. Basically, I met a girl a few months ago. She is going to be moving away in July. We decided to date anyway, knowing this. I broke up with her about two hours ago. I didn't want to end it (and I don't think she wanted to either) but we did so it would be easier for us after she left. I've been trying to write down my feelings for a song. Please tell me what you think.

Jackie dear, didn't want to leave you here
Jackie dear, didn't want to end this here
Walk that way and pain for long
Walk this way and pain for song

Jackie dear, gonna be the best this way
Jackie dear, its just gotta be this way
Another time and love for long
But this time its love and gone

Just imagine if our time constraints
Would just get up on out of here
Just imagine if the stars were saints
and those miles would just fade away

But that's another song than this
This one is of tears and miss
This one is of fears and kiss
But it doesn't end with abyss

Jackie dear, it doesn't end right here
Jackie dear, it doesn't end down there
This time it just ends and bends
This time it just ends as friends
Very solid lyrics man, and good luck during this time, shit like that sucks, but you gotta keep going!