Hi guys

Im sure you get lots of posts like this.......Im completely new (aside from knowing a few chords)

I have plenty of time to practise and am really keen to learn.

Where is the best place to start??? Scales, chords?? I havent a clue!

Would really appreciate some pointers....

Thanks in advance
What I did was choose a few easy songs that I liked and just practised them and played them again and again until I was happy with them. Then I progressed to other songs, I had to keep looking up each chord to start with but slowly got used to them.. I found that way more interesting than sitting and practising each and every chord over and over.. people learn differently though.

I learned a couple of basic scales to start with and practised them a bit to improve my picking speed but i never payed them any attention until recently. You should learn them fairly early but you should only start with the basic ones for now.. until you've got used to the the other aspects of guitar playing.