Hi guys,

I'm planning on modding my Tokai Les Paul copy soon with 4 push/pull pots.
I haven't found a diagram to do specifically what I would like so I made my own from looking at a few other ones.

Most of the Jimmy Page wiring diagrams use the Bridge and Neck Volume to split the coils on their respective pickup, while the Bridge Tone switches phase and the Neck Tone puts both pickups in series.

However instead of the Bridge Volume splitting the pickup, I would rather it switch the bridge pickup from series to parallel mode when pulled so that it retains its humbucker characteristics while giving a more trebly tone.
(I have a 3-way series/split/parallel switch on my strat humbucker and find the parallel more useful than single coil)

Here's what the wiring diagram should do:

Bridge Volume - Pull For Bridge Humbucker Parallel Mode
Neck Volume - Pull To Split Neck Humbucker
Bridge Tone - Pull For Reverse Phase
Neck Tone - Pull For Both Pickups In Series

I want to be able to use all combinations of these switches including having both pickups in series while the bridge humbucker is in parallel mode and/or while the pickups are out of phase and/or while the the neck humbucker is split.

I'm hoping those of us who are more informed on the matter can let me know if there are any issues or problems with the setup that I am not aware of.

Any tips or suggestions are welcome
I was also wondering, since I will have so many wires to ground where would be the best place to ground them all to.
When I installed push/pulls before I only grounded the wires to the actual pot part of the push pull and not the side of the rectangular switch part because I wasn't sure if that would work.

Also I know on strats you're supposed to ground to the tremolo bridge but where are you supposed to on a les paul?
First, Use the wiring thread from now on.

Why not have the neck be able to be in parallel too instead of a coil tap?

In both pickups in series mode, in the "bridge only" position of the 3 way switch, it will kill the signal, and in the series mode, the bridge volume will have no effect, but the neck volume will act as a master volume, but this is okay.

so as long as you keep these things in mind, you'll be okay.


Thanks MonkeyLink!

I actually am considering wiring the neck pickup in parallel as well but I do enjoy a good single coil tone so I'm not sure yet.
On my strat I actually kind of thing the parallel mode sounds almost more like a single coil than the actual coil split mode cause it seems to be a little too muddy especially considering that it's in the bridge humbucker.
But I'm not sure how it would sound on a les paul, do you have any experience with the difference?

I was also considering wiring it with the 50's style wiring I read about so that theres less treble bleed but it makes the pots less responsive apparently. Also considering a treble bleed but I don't want the tone to get too tinny if I roll back the volume to get some clean.
It's all preference. My amp and guitar are crappy enough that I don't really give tonal opinions, I just found that I prefer the Parallel option for its lack of hum. Personally, I like the sound of the pickups themselves in parallel but then them together in series.

And You could try out that tone mod, I'm not sure on how the response on it is exactly, but if it gets to tinny when you roll back the volume, just roll down the tone some.


Well you certainly know a lot about guitars
Hope you get a kick ass setup soon

Thanks again
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