So I have a Peavey 6505 head and a Mesa recto 2x12 cab. I'm thinking of getting a Framus 2x12 cab, (http://www.framus.de/modules/produkte/produkt.php?submenuID=14172&katID=11076&cl=EN) so then i can have a 2 piece 4x12 or just a 2x12 if its a smaller gig or whatever.
With this cab you can take a panel off the back to make it an open back or leave it on having a closed back cab.
Seeming the mesa is closed back, do you think having the framus (open back) on top and the mesa on bottom would sound good?
So then i have the tightness etc of the closed back but also open the sound up a bit with the open back. Both have V30s and are same wattage etc.
I play metalcore (August burns red, Parkway Drive etc...) and am in a band who is gigging now with our originals.
Any thoughts and comments would be appriciated, thanks.