i doubt you can do that without a sustainer. High volume adds sustain but not like that.
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nope you will never get that sound witout it, sorry.

OH no!!!cant you do it fiddling with the volume knob?

please god,help me to go forward in my life and deliver a fernandes sustainer kit on my doorstep tomorrow morning ....I beg you,please

joking aside..are there effect pedals from which i can obtain a *similar sound
Boss make compression sustainer pedal which gives you more sustain, but not the infinite sustain and manipulation you get with those pickups.
The problem is that sustainer kits keep the string vibrating and you can play with the string while it's still vibrating. A pedal can only boost the signal to make it seem like you have more sustain for a while.
i dont have a sustainer ,
and i do stuff like this by placing my guitar near the speaker ..
u just dont have to place it right next to the amp ..
just move around a bit and youll find the spot ..