Hi guys,,,
I have one questione...
How to learn solo, to create my own....
What I must now to create my own solo....thnx
I'm not sure if there's a textbook answer on soloing,other than learning how to solo on specific keys.Try to experiment with some lead lines first,and dont try to shred too soon.
Many rock/blues solos are based around the minor pentatonic scale. If you learn that in whatever key you want to solo in, then you'll at least know that the notes you're playing work together and match the chords in the backing track. Then just work on putting the notes together in a way that sounds good.
just play man, that's all a solo is. You, playing alone, it doesn't have to change the world, bring people to tears, or bring out the animal in people. The only thing you have to accomplish is to get your emotions and whatever message they bring, out. If you don't know scales and keys, it will be slower going as you'll need to figure out how to transcribe the sounds in you head to the instrument but it should all come out similarly in the end.